Our Members

Our Members

Among us, you will find all sorts of archetypes

We have chosen those that are essential for our storytelling and mythology

Along your journey with our community, you will realize that there are eventually 729 types of unicorns, each of them with unique qualities, and therefore gifts for your journey together. 

Winged unicorns

The wings represent in human mythology the capacity to ascend or descend, to travel and journey, freely as the wind.

Winged unicorns are capable of bringing you to new realms and rescuing you from forgotten lands.

Realize that you are the wings, or in other words that it is within you the ability to shift realms, and ascend to scenarios and latitudes, of emotional and corporeal qualities,  that welcome you once you have decided to enter them.

Winged unicorns will wake up your own wings, and invite you to fly together, discovering new realms within yourself, within your own worlds, and beyond.

The 9 Oceans

There are unicorns among us, that are willing to enter the dreamlands, the 9 oceans of wisdom.

The journey with them will bring you deeper into your own unique source. 

As amazing and wonderful it sounds, it will challenge you to face your deepest and anything you will find there.

The hippokampus with the unique horn, bring their magic to the realms of the 9 oceans, where they live.

The 9 Divine Worlds

When you enter the journey together with a unicorn, by bliss, luck, or default, you may be carried out to one of the 9 mythological worlds. 

You may want to be informed, about the 9 destinations of your journey.

But be sure you are not mistaken, only unicorns with 8 legs travel among the 9 divine realms.

May you have found one, then you can be sure, the adventure will never end.

Unicorns with 8 legs have the unique ability to move among realms and shift at their own convenience.

May you be on a journey together, there isn't better guide to the unknown worlds, there isn't better companion for a life journey together.

The Phoenix

Unique among unicorns, the phoenix with the unique horn, masters the art of self-regeneration.

It means that coming back to life, is just its nature!

The phoenix will bring you the ability to heal, evolve, transform, change, and re-new jour journey, into a new cycle of life.