The Unicorn-9 Community

Is a community online (and some times meeting outdoors)

dedicated to explore the nature of unicorns, learn how to find them, create them or become one themselves

The activities of the community are dedicated to providing support to its members with

  • Information
  • Purpose and balance
  • Addressing social issues
  • Capacity scan (to become, create or find or enter in a relationship with a unicorn)
  • Learning, skills
  • Sharing and network, storytelling
  • Identity 
  • Co-creation activities for the community
  •  Matching with singles and couples
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Community meet-ups online
  • Community Leisure activities outdoors and abroad traveling


  1.  Schedule time with us for Q&A
  2. Apply to get invited
  3. Schedule a unicorn capacity assessment (scan)