The 9 Qualities you need

To find, create or become a unicorn

Contrary to common belief, unicorns exist.

In pure nature, raw potential, or in a journey to become.

Seldom, a self-realized unicorn is found distracted in world affairs.

Unicorns are magic beings, that are drawn by the magic of purpose, values, and love.

Aligned to a primordial life force, unicorns live among the realms of a time that never was and always is.

This website (and the community it hosts), is for those looking for, wishing for a unicorn, to make their lives complete. It is also for those hearts that know, within their innermost core, that are unicorns to become. Certainly to this community belong as well unicorns in waiting.

Our conversations, explorations, and desire for love, together with the perfect magical being, 

bring us to unveil the true nature we share as a collective and the adventures of a journey among world creatures.

To continue reading, you must be warned, that the human experience shared, may touch-sensitive spots in your life, you may feel overwhelmed or frightened. Yet you must know that if you mean to enter this realm, a journey full of wonder and self-transformation awaits you.

You may find one day the unicorn you are looking for.

You may one day, become the unicorn you are meant to be.

You may realize one day, that we all are, have been, and will be unicorns.